Thursday, March 12, 2009

For ME!!!!

Last week was a busy mail delivery week at my house. Love it!! I wanted to take a few moments to thanks several people who sent me stuff in the mail!!!! Woo Hoo!!!
First up is Stacy(twinshappy). She knows I have a little obsession with Twilight. LOL!!! I may not be as obvious as some (you all know who I am talking, but I do have my moments. She sent me some Twilight conversational hearts. These are so cute with comments like Bite Me, I (heart) EC, Lamb, etc. The flavors are fabulous, too. I know I was supposed to wait to eat some with the dvd release on March 21...which is what Stacy was reminding me about, too. But who can resist with expressions like "Bite Me." I just thought the gift was so thoughtful and absolutely sweet of Stacy!!!! Thanks so much Stacy!!!! I love it!!! I love the card she sent me, too!!!! The spotlight technique is wonderful!!!! Beautiful, Stacy!!!!

Next up is Angie(duckwaddlequack). She and I are own the ODBD Design Team. On the ODBD message board, I mentioned that I did not own a paper distressing tool. I wanted one, but everytime I tried to buy one anywhere, they are always sold out. I must be the last person not to own Anyway, Angie mentioned that she had a few and would send me one. WHAT?!!??! I am always just blown away by so much giving and sharing among crafters. I love my paper distressing tool, Angie!!!! You are so kind!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Yes, I need to leave my house and meet you for lunch and trip to Archivers...among a few other Raleigh, NC craft stores!!!! LOL!!! Thanks so much for the card, too. I love the colors and design. This card swings open. It is really cool!!!!

oretta(lorettal) sent me this beautiful card in the mail. We started chatting a few weeks ago. I did not make the connection that Loretta is from Canada. I am always amazed how one site like SCS and our blogs can bring people all over the world together. It is so nice to have someone to converse with about spiritual growth. As women in Christ, I think many of us feel we beat ourselves up all the time by not being "perfect" or feeling like we are not as good as we should be. I love this quote in the ODBD The Cross of Christ set. It really does put our spiritual growing into perspective. I thank you so much, Loretta!!! Blessings to you and yours!!! Your card is beautiful!!!!

I did want to add that the little acrylic charm Loretta added to this card I thought was store bought. When I emailed her about it, she mentioned she made it. HUH?!?!!? I really need to get out more!!! Here is the link she sent me showing how she did this charm.

Wouldn't you know it!!!! It is something Tim Holtz!!!! I am all about some Tim Holtz products lately!!!! I need to get some of these and give it a try!!!! Fabulously done, Loretta!!!!

Last up is Kimberly Crawford!!! I won a craft magazine from her blog!!! Woo Hoo!!! I rarely win!!!! So, when Kimberly notified me that I won I was thrilled!!! I am thrilled because I do not own any card craft magazines. What? I am not sure why, though. I have looked through the magazine several times and love it!!! It is so cool to see names of people in the crafting world showcased...including, Kimberly's work!!! She sent me my magazine with a lovely card!!!! Beautiful, Kimberly!!! Thanks so much!!!

This week is Anniversary Week at Our Daily Bread Designs!
Want to win some great prizes? Play along in the Bread Basket {aka Design Team} Scavenger Hunt today! Search the blogs high and low for the following items. When you have found all of the items, copy the list below into an email, with where the items are located (what DT blogs), and then send it to(Judy) at

All correct entries will be put into a “bread basket” (LOL) and THREE winners will be drawn on Friday, the 13th! It could be your lucky day! Prizes and winners will
be announced right here on Friday!

Okay —here is the list! (all items are on the main blog page of DT members and are not in posts – see right sidebar to find the links to the blogs!)

A pink and green tree
A dancing giraffe
A NeoPod
A foggy river
A playlist with “Jesus Take The Wheel”
A snapdragon
A daisy with a ladybug
A duck
A red flower
A lemonade stand
A stamping sponge

Remember, once you have found all the items, EMAIL with the answers by MIDNIGHT CST March 12th!

Be sure to check out the ODBD blog each day to find out how to win blog candy!!!!


  1. Betty you did have a wonderful happy mail week! :0) Enjoy the candies and I know that you will LOVE the distressing tool Angie sent you.

  2. Woohoo! What fun RAKs! Hey, your box is different, not in the candies, but the picture. My box has only Edward on it. I will take a pic and post soon for you to see. Hugs girlie!

  3. Woo Hoo! Talk about "Happy Mail" for you! I would be doing cartwheels!!! Enjoy yourself and don't eat too many of those hearts before you go to bed....don't want to get a tummy-ache!!!!

  4. What fabulous happy mail!! How did I not know you were a Twilight fan?!?! I just read the first book and need to go get the other three so I can have them read before the next movie comes out!! Ya...I think I might be a bit addicted to them too! Those candies are GREAT!!! How fun!

  5. What awesome goodies, the Twilight cool!!! I just finished book a happy ending!!!

  6. Oh Betty! You are a darling!

    I'm sorry the fragment fell off the card! I had the worst time sticking it on because of that little piece of ribbon that I thought it absolutely had to have. Using the Tim Holtz long fasters would have been better. They are brads with very long 'legs' that get all the way through the fragment and the paper.

    (((hugs))) and blessings to you to, my friend!

  7. Wow Betty!! What a lot of happy mail!!! You deserve it!! They are all spectacular cards and you have some very dear friends!!!!

  8. What a happy mailbox you had this week!! I will join you to those craft stores!! I need to get out too!! : ) Small selection here...

  9. Oh how fun to receive such happy mail!! Very talented friends!! :)


Thanks so much!

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