Monday, February 1, 2010

A little bit of snow...makes a SNOWMAN!!!

What do you get in North Carolina with about 6 to 8 inches of snow?  Shut in the house for 4 days!  Just got the call that school is closed again tomorrow!  I tried to go to work today and got stuck in my driveway.  Can you believe it?  My own drive!  My neighbor pushed me out, but by that time I said forget it!   I parked my car and went back inside.  It was too much for me!   If I cannot get past the mailbox, I do not need to be on the road driving! 

I know many people laugh at how a little bit of snow could really incapacitate the community at large, but I lived in Indiana.  Communities who get snow know how to deal with snow.  I loved those Indiana country boys that have the big trucks with the front snowplow attachments. Those guys would plow the county roads cause it was fun!  Wow!    It is warmer climates that rarely get it that suffer.  I mean what is the reason to budget for salt and sand trucks, work crews, and snow plow machines to get the roads cleared when we would only need it once every 5 years or so?   

So, here we sit!  I am about sick of eating my own cooking! (Do not tell the kids I said that)!  Right about now...Micky D's is starting to look appetizing!  I have been without Mexican for almost a week.  I may need to find someone who can chopper that in.  LOL! 

With that said, I just wanted to share with you a snowman that my son and his friend made today.  They came in asking for a carrot, some coal, and a scarf.  Hmmm...whatever could they be making?  LOL! 

Check back in at midnight for the
It is going to be Fabulous!   


  1. Enjoy the snow and the mini vacation while you can :) It sure is pretty though.
    I know what you mean about the natives not being used to it. Here in western Washington they don't know what the heck to do in the snow since it happens so rarely. I'm from Jersey so it's not new to me. I stay off the roads here though since they have way too many cliffs with no guardrails for my comfort.

  2. AWW How fun, what a fantastic snowman!!!!!

  3. I hope you get out soon! Coming from Wisconsin, I have to admit I did chuckle a little at your post but empathize with you for being stuck at home for days. I would go CRAZY. Stay strong! :)

  4. What a great picture :D Kids LOVE snow and I see your son has taken full advantage of it! We got about 1.5 feet of the stuff two Christmases ago and it shut down the city. Lots of people got stuck in their own driveways because their car axles were lower than the snow fall, and many who lived off the beaten path got stuck at home for a week or more because we don't have a lot of snow removal equipment in Vancouver. Can feel you pain, Betty LOL!

    Your comment about choppering in the Mexican made me laugh out loud! Hope it disappears soon so you can get back to normal :D

  5. Aw, what an adorable pic! That is the perfect snowman! I love it!

    I live in NY, but am so grateful that I don't live upstate where all the snow falls! Snow on Long Island is the same as snow down south - we don't get much and have panic attacks over anything that falls over 3 inches, lol!

    Thanks for sharing! I hope you get some Mexican food soon :)
    - and thank you for your sweet comment today!
    hugs, margie

  6. I just got off the phone with my nephew who relocated to NC a few years ago....and I was teasing him about the where are you in NC??? He is in Cornelius...not too far north of Charlotte.

    So glad you were able to stay home and enjoy the snow.....and I think you have a great idea...if you can't make it to the mailbox is much better to stay

  7. How cool...looks like the boys had lots of fun!!! Tell them I love their snowman!!!

    Glad you stayed home this was probably way to icy too!!! Hugs ~S~

  8. LOL! I'm giggling about your snow..hehe! I am one of those that have to deal with it about 7 months a year...bummer eh? ha ha! I admit that when we got a lot at once, I don't venture too far either. I'm with you, stay home. But geez, now I want Mickey D's! hehe!
    GREAT picture of the kids and the snowman! Fun stuff!

  9. Awwww!! LOVE the snowman!! It's been almost a lifetime since I've made one of those!! Too fun!! Wouldn't like the trapped feeling though. Don't miss that!! LOL


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